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Established Business?
What's The Plan Now?

So, you have arrived at your destination and you achieved what you set out to do

What is next, what is your exit plan? Is it to sell, maybe to liquidate or even pass your business down to the kids?

Here is how we can help:

Business sale

We will work alongside you to ensure that the business can work without you and can achieve the highest value possible. We will provide a full business valuation report and provide any documents that any potential buyer would wish to see. By being proactive we can plan for any potential tax liabilities and where possible reduce these.


Isn’t liquidation when a business is insolvent? My business has got loads of Wonga! You are talking about a compulsory liquidation here, we are talking about a Members Voluntarily Liquidation; this is a way that you can get that Wonga out of the business into your back pocket at a very attractive rate of tax. Sounds great, right?! For more information click here.

Passing on to your kids

You may decide that it’s time to pass this on to your kids. Are you mad? They can’t be trusted to run their own lives never mind your pride and joy that you have built over the years!! If we can’t talk you around, then we will ensure that this transition is smooth. We’ll make sure the correct structure is in place and advise both parties on the potential tax liabilities and where possible minimize these.

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